The Black Tulip Queen of the Night

Tall, dark and handsome.

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Add a touch of mystery to your garden with this dusky beauty.

Part of the allure of this legendary ‘black’ tulip is its formal and distinguished garden presence. Tulip 'Queen of the Night' almost demands respect as her magnificent flower heads unfurl on their statuesque stems late in the season.

The maroon, almost black petals are make surrounding colours stand out to great effect. Using the dark colour of tulip ‘Queen of the Night’ you can experiment with combinations of lemons, whites, reds, oranges and bright pinks for sensational garden effects. The possibilities are endless.

Tulips may have a reputation as `difficult customers’ but in most cases this is undeserved. When you buy a bulb, the flower is already pre-formed, ready to bloom. All you need to do is plant them into well drained soil in a sunny spot, water and wait for the show!

A simple way to remember when to plant your tulips is Mother`s Day! Around this date is ideal as the soil has cooled sufficiently for planting and the really hot autumn days are finished. It doesn’t have to be on the day, it just serves as an easy marker.

All our bulbs are ready to grow; they do not need to be chilled, which is one less thing to do.

It is a good idea to prepare the soil for their arrival by adding some delicious organic matter. Tulips need good drainage and at least six hours sun a day to flower at their best. Plant the bulbs 15-20cm deep with the pointed end up. Space your tulips 10-20cm apart, planting closer for a more spectacular show.

In most areas it is recommended you lift and store your tulip bulbs once their foliage has browned. You don’t need to do this if you live in an area with frost, the soil is shaded or mulched through summer and the ground does not become soggy during their dormant period. In every other case it is recommended.



Botantical name

Tulipa hybrida








Cool to Sub-Tropical


Australia wide

Frost hardiness


Full Sun to Light Shade

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