These bulbs are easy peasy. They are called 'naturalising' because once planted they can be left in the ground year after year and with only the occasional dose of fertiliser they will reward you with abundant flowers. Simply plant and enjoy!

  • Dutch Crocus Mixed

    Early blooms to welcome the spring.

  • Ixia Mixed

    Versatile and resilient.

  • Bluebells Blue

    Striking blue for sun or shade.

  • Sparaxis Mixed

    Incredible colour.

  • Allium Drumsticks

    Popular late season blooms.

  • Belladonna Lilies Pink

    Easy peasy!

  • Anenome De Caen Bedding

    Great value for money.

  • Grape Hyacinth Blue

    Amazing early colour.

  • Spring Star Flowers Mauve

    One of the easiest bulbs to grow.

  • Spring Star Flowers Mixed

    Absolute stars.

  • Dutch Crocus Flower Record

    Tough guys.

  • Dutch Crocus Grand Maitre

    A grand choice.

  • Dutch Crocus Jean D'Arc

    Totally charming.

  • Dutch Crocus Mammoth

    Early gold.

  • Peacock Iris

    Intricate colouring.