Daffodils are easy, they like the simple things in life; plenty of sun and a well drained soil. It is this sunny disposition that is appealing to gardeners worldwide. We choose the best varieties for our Australian conditions so you are guaranteed success.

  • Golden Trumpet Daffodil King Alfred

    Traditional blooms.

  • Daffodils Mixed Trumpet and Cup Daffodils

    A top blend of traditional daffs. (No fragrance)

  • Snowflake Gravetye Giant

    The biggest and best around.

  • Tesselaar Rainbow Pack

    Create a colourful spring.

  • Double Daffodil Safina

    New in 2019.

  • Daffodils Scentsational Blend

    A blend of fragrant Jonquils.

  • Double Daffodils Ice King

    Royal ruffles.

  • Double Daffodils White Lion

    A spring roar.

  • Daffodil Ice Follies

    Cool customers.

  • Daffodil Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas.

  • Daffodil Sunlover

    Sun loving blooms.

  • Daffodil Marjorie

    Spring sensations.

  • Daffodil Ptolemy

    A flower for the stars.

  • Daffodil Red Devon

    Almost red cups.

  • Daffodil Victorious

    Victorious in pots or gardens.

  • Hoop Petticoat Daffodil Golden Dragon

    Cherished flowers.

  • Scented Daffodils Erlicheer

    Early blooming.

  • Scented Daffodils Geranium

    Extremely floriferous.

  • Scented Daffodils Paperwhite Ziva

    Strong, virus free stock.

  • Scented Daffodils Soleil D'Or

    Grand blooms.

  • Miniature Daffodils Spring Sunshine

    Little rippers.

  • Miniature Daffodils Tete a Tete

    Spring song.

  • Pink Daffodil Precocious

    Triumphant blooms.