Our best fundraising tips

We are committed to making your fundraiser a success, here are some tips to help make it happen.

  • Set a target goal for your members to aim for, reminding them of the importance of your cause.
  • Add an information sheet to the colourful catalogues communicating this goal and its importance so it can be clearly communicated to the sellers and the buyers.
  • Allow a 2-3 week turn around time to give sellers enough time to contact a good number of people, but not too much time that they become complacent.
  • Send out weekly reminders encouraging your members by reminding them the orders need to be returned soon. This will help keep them on their toes and it helps to avoid nagging them later on! Keep the tone friendly and informal.
  • You could give your sellers a little training program with selling tips:
    • Smile and introduce yourself and your organisation. E.g. “Hi I’m Paul from Silvan Primary School, we are trying to raise $2000 for new play equipment. Would you be interested in helping us by purchasing some top quality flowering bulbs? They are so pretty and easy to grow. ”
    • Smile, it is really important to have a positive attitude. That and your colourful brochures are amazing selling tools.
    • Show off the brochure pointing out the easy to read highlights written in point form for every product.
    • Take the brochure with you everywhere; you never know who you are going to meet!
    • Once they have purchased one product ask if they would like to buy anything else. You could remind them about your fundraising goal at this time and why it is important to you. Increasing the size of the order means more profit for your cause.
    • Always say thank you, whether they make a purchase or not. You could ask if they know someone who would be willing to support the fundraiser.
  • Encourage your sellers to ask not just friends and family but businesses too. The more people you ask the more profit potential you have.
  • Follow up with your sellers, this can help yield larger profits.
  • Add an element of fun competitiveness by setting a challenge for your group. The biggest fundraiser gets ???
  • Keep a copy of your fundraising lists, you might be able to use them again in the future.
  • Get the word out there, you are selling premium quality bulbs that are guaranteed to grow and flower at an excellent price for a great cause. Print out some posters, set up a table at your local supermarket, put it in your newsletters, visit the neighbours, canvas local businesses, take it to the sporting fields, think outside the square.
  • If children are selling door to door don’t forget safety first, use a buddy system or have an adult accompany them.