Tulips may have a reputation as ‘difficult customers’ but in most cases this is undeserved. When you buy a tulip bulb the flower is already pre-formed and ready to bloom. All you need to do is plant your tulip bulbs it into well drained soil in a sunny spot, fertilise and water occasionally then wait for your very own tulip show.

  • Tulips Mega Mix

    All about colour.

  • Tulip Gerrit van der Valk

    Long blooming.

  • The Black Tulip Queen of the Night

    Tall, dark and handsome.

  • Bokassa Tulip Red

    Ravishing red.

  • Double Tulip Black Hero

    A garden hero!

  • Tulip Attila Graffiti

    Fantastic plum red blooms.

  • Bokassa Tulip Rose

    Rosy cheeks.

  • Royal Blue and Gold Collection

    A regal choice.

  • Tulip Synaeda Show

    A classic beauty.

  • Double Tulip Horizon

    A striking double.

  • Bokassa Tulip Saigon

    Perfectly purple.

  • Tulip Strong Gold

    All that glitters.

  • Tulip World's Favourite

    Luminous tulips.

  • Tulip Furand

    A wow factor bloom.

  • Tulip Holland Beauty

    An exceptional beauty.

  • Tulip Judith Leyster

    Magical petals.

  • Double Tulip Columbus

    Double the colour.

  • Tulip Leen van der Mark

    Intense colouring.