Ahhh who can resist these fragrant floral fancies? Easy to grow in gardens or pots in an impressive range of colours.

  • Grandma's Freesias Mixed

    The most fragrant.

  • Bedding Freesias Mixed

    A colourful, fragrant blend.

  • Bergunden Freesias Mixed

    A blend of colour and perfume.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Anouk'

    Hard to resist.

  • Grandma's Freesia Alba

    Classic beauties.

  • Bedding Freesia 'White'

    Amazing en masse.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Bordeaux'

    Sweet charmers.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Pink Devotion'

    You'll become a devotee!

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Morning Sun'

    Magnificent perfume.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Blue'

    Economical perfume.

  • Bergunden Freesia 'Blue River'

    Stunning AND fragrant.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Red'

    Vibrant colour.

  • Bedding Freesia 'Yellow'

    Golden fragrance.